WPPO Pro 3 42-Inch Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven On Cart - WPPO3 + WPPO3STND

by: WPPO

WPPO Professional pizza ovens are built to last and perform with 304-grade stainless steel construction, double-walled ovens, 1 1/4-inch thick cordierite baking stone oven floors and an effective downdraft air system for improved temperature management. The WPPO Pro 3 boasts an extra large 783 square-inch cooking surface with over 6 inches of fire blanket insulation in the dome and 2 inches bellow the oven floor. A thermometer built into the face of the oven allows you to check internal temperatures without removing the oven door. The oven is supported by four heavy-duty adjustable pedestal feet to ensure level placement.  Includes stainless steel cart for freestanding use.

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