Smokin' Booty Rubs - When Your Butt Needs a Lift (3 Pack)

by: BBQ Spot

Featuring the best butt spices from the best BBQ'ers in America: Kansas City, Memphis & Carolina.

This 3 pack gift set includes:

6.2 oz container:  KC Butt Rub (Kansas City) - Famous for this sweet smoky flavor on butts, breasts and ribs.

6.5 oz container:  Pig's Ass Rub (Memphis) - Known for the flavor of vinegar, chili, garlic and paprika, this rub is perfect for pork butts and ribs.

6 oz container:  Rub Some Butt (Carolina) - Mustard and vinegar flavor blended with savory spices for the best pulled pork in the country.

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