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Perfect Draft BBQ Blower 2.0 Temperature Controller w/ Wireless Meat Thermometer

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If you are searching for a smoker accessory that provides consistent airflow, constant temperatures, less wood consumption, and even cooking, look no further than The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower. 
  • Gives you complete control over the fire in your pit, removing the typical hassles of smoking
  • Attaches directly to your firebox to provide consistent airflow and efficient burning
  • Auto setting uses included temperature probe, giving you consistent temps with no effort
  • Rust-free adapter attaches directly to firebox and protects your blower from high temperatures
  • Includes rechargeable 12 volt battery that provides 17 hours of operation on a single charge

The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower 2.0 Temperature Controller is the perfect way to enhance your smoking experience and remove the frustration that sometimes comes with BBQ smoking. Designed for offset smokers, reverse flow smokers, and large charcoal grills, this BBQ Blower puts precise control in your hands. No more will you have to worry with uneven cooking or losing temperature.

The Blower works by regulating the airflow to your firebox. The small but powerful fan pushes air through the firebox and into the cooking area. This provides consistent airflow, which gives you a cleaner more efficient burn, reliable temperature control, and better tasting BBQ.

There are two options for temperature control on The Perfect Draft, manual and automatic. Manual mode lets you choose the fan speed of the blower, great for getting your fire going. Automatic mode lets you set a desired temperature measured by the stainless steel temperature probe and adjusts the fan speed accordingly to ensure accurate cooking temps with minimal variance.

The Blower attaches to the airflow damper on your smoker using the firebox adapter that acts as a heat shield. A smaller hook is attached to the side of your smoker near the damper by drilling it in. This then latches onto the adapter itself, which is magnetically attached to the blower, protecting it from high temperatures.

This item includes: The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower with a newly designed Circuit Board, the universal rust proof adapter, a new 8 foot braided temperature probe with clamp, an on-board rechargeable 12 volt battery that provides 17 hours on a single charge, and a wireless meat thermometer that transmits over 50 feet away.

NOTE: The circuit board of the blower is not waterproof.

Width 10.5"
Depth 7.5"
Height 9.5"