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Mojobricks Mojoqubes - mApple

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mApple - A unique blend of American Maple hardwoods imparting a subtly sweet apple smoke flavor.

This is the largest of the Mojobricks product line when added to charcoal this size produces the longest most smoke for the pit master who wants the most smoke flavor per one use.  Try it is a smoke box with an electric or propane smoker or in a pellet grill.

How to use: Its Easy!  Remove one from the bag place it in charcoal and its ready!There is NO SOAKING, no need to, the wood is compressed and produces long slow burns with a refreshingly beautiful aroma on every cook.  Consistent, convenient, and easy to learn how to cook with wood like a Pro! Place it near the flame or heat of the hot coals of a charcoal fire.

Burning wood in a compressed form reduces waste, improves the efficiency of wood burning properties, reduces particulate matter in the air, reduces the ash content, reduces the dust in the air and in the process makes cooking with wood great fun and convenient!

Cleaner!   There is NO BINDER! The organic polymer grows in the tree! It’s called Lignin. 100% all natural earth friendly hardwood.