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Meadow Creek CD120 Caterer’s Delight Trailer

Original price $ 6,236.00 - Original price $ 6,236.00
Original price
$ 6,236.00
$ 6,236.00 - $ 6,236.00
Current price $ 6,236.00

For pickups from our Paterson NJ location, we include the shipping charge from Meadow Creek to us.  Personal front yard delivery is available.  About 2 weeks of lead time for custom units.  Please email for more info.

Meadow Creek CD120 Caterer’s Delight Trailer.  The Caterer’s Delight trailer has a mounted Pig Roaster and a BBQ42 Chicken Cooker. The pig cooker is perfect for smoking whole hogs, brisket, pork butts, and more. The BBQ42 Chicken Cooker with double-sided grates makes cooking chicken for a crowd fun and easy! Raise the fire for steaks, hamburgers, and other grilled food.

This unit is charcoal/wood-fired and features the PR72 Pig Roaster. The standard layout has the BBQ42 in the back facing the rear of the trailer. Add 10% to the base price for an alternate layout, such as the BBQ42 and Pig Roaster in parallel.

Features of the CD120 Caterer's Delight

  • BBQ42 Chicken Cooker
  • PR72 Pig Roaster
  • Cooking grates are made of rust-free food-grade T304 stainless steel rod and easy to clean.
  • Grill bodies are made of 13-gauge welded steel and painted with black heat-resistant paint in an attractive matte finish.
  • Stainless steel calibratable thermometers
  • Tubular trailer frame with 2” ball hitch and safety chains, heavy-duty wheel jack, rubber torsion axles, road-worthy tires, and DOT-compliant flush-mount LED lights, reflector strips, and VIN plate. We are a licensed trailer manufacturer and can provide a certificate of origin for trailer models.

Usage Recommendations

For PR72 - we recommend approximately 125 lbs. of charcoal to cook a 300 lb. pig (live weight), 250 lbs. (dressed), at a temperature of about 300 degrees.

For BBQ42 - we recommend approximately 25-30 lbs. of charcoal to cook 40 lbs. of chicken for first rack. If you wish to continue to a second rack, add approximately 10-15 lbs. of charcoal. For other cuts of meats, grilling, smoking, etc. put in your desired amount of charcoal.

Overall Dimensions

47”h x 160”l x 54”w

Metal Thickness

13 Gauge

Net Weight

950 lbs.

Shipping Weight

1,200 lbs.

Grate Dimensions

BBQ42: 22”x40”, PR72: 24”x70”

Grate Style

Wire Grid With 1/2” Spacing

Cooking Area

BBQ42: 6.11 sq. ft. (880 sq. in.), PR72: 11.67 sq. ft. (1,680 sq. in.)

2nd Tier Grate Dimensions

PR72: 22” x 70”

Grate Height From Ground

PR72: 28”

Cooking Area With 2nd Tier Grate

PR72: 22.36 sq. ft. (3,220 sq. in.)

Optional Flat Grate Dimensions

BBQ42: 22” x 41”

Cooking Area of Flat Grate

BBQ42: 6.26 sq. ft. (902 sq. in.)

Space Between Grate and Bottom of Cooker

BBQ42: 16”