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Meadow Creek PR42G Charcoal Pan Insert CPI

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Meadow Creek PR42G Charcoal Pan Insert CPI. Charcoal Pan Insert makes loading charcoal and unloading ashes easy. 

There is a charcoal pan for both charcoal and gas models.

If you pass on the charcoal pullout, consider the insert to make clean up easier. This pan sits in the bottom of the roaster and holds the ashes. To access the pan, you will remove the cooking grate and the drip pan. When you’re done cooking, simply lift it out the top. It also adds another layer of steel under the fire, increasing the life of your pig roaster.

The charcoal pan for gas models straddles the burner and lets you fire the cooker with charcoal. There is a series of holes along the top for cooking with charcoal and gas at the same time. For example, you could start the cook with charcoal/wood to give your meat some smoke flavor; then, once it starts dropping in temperature, turn on the gas for the rest of the cooking period.

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