Kirtland Smoke Ring BBQ Pellets - 20lb Bag

by: Kirtland Products

Smoke Ring BBQ Pellets are an all-natural hardwood pellet designed for use in any grill or smoker.  20lb Bags.

Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets are available in 12 flavors that cover all the meats and flavor profiles desired by smoke enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you want the light and sweet smoke flavor of a cherry wood, or the deep, rich flavor of the mighty oak wood, Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets has what you want. 

Smoke Ring Pellets can be ordered in mix and matching of bags available so you can create your own signature smoke flavor. 

Available Flavors

100% Oak 100% Maple 100% Hickory
100% Beech 100% Cherry 100% Apple
Maple/Hickory/Cherry Oak/Hickory/Cherry Maple/Beech/Cherry
Hickory/Beech Apple/Maple Hickory/Maple


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