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Kamado Joe Kettle Joe - KJ15040320

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Coming April 2021

The Kettle Joe from Kamado Joe is a new charcoal grill that features a lot of kamado-style grill benefits packed into a kettle grill. At first look, it mirrors Kamado Joe Classic Ceramic Smoker design with the shape, cart, shelves and color.

Rather than a ceramic base and dome, the Kettle Joe shell will most likely be a porcelain-enameled metal similar to a Weber Kettle. Boasting a spacious 22-inch diameter, the Kettle Joe will come with a modified variation of Kamado Joe’s most innovative accessory: the SloRoller. The SloRoller will help distribute heat more evenly than ceramic deflectors or heat shields with infusing more smoke flavor in your food resulting in consistent and tasty cooks. The SloRoller will also be sold separately and fit on 22-inch Weber Kettle grills.

The grill features a hinged lid for easy access when opening or closing the lid. The hinge will adjust to ensure proper closing of the lid when using the SloRoller or cooking without it.

The firebox will utilize ceramic inserts like on the ceramic kamado grills to improve heat retention, fuel efficiency and durability of the grill over time.

The Kettle Joe will also be compatible with the iKamand Temperature Control Fan to help set your grill on autopilot. This compatibility will allow you to have more free time rather than tending to the fire.


  • Ash drawer gives you easy, quick cleanup
  • Ceramic firebox for improved heat retention and durability
  • Folding shelves give you a large prep area but fold away for easy storage
  • Hinged lid for easy open and close - no need to remove or handle the lid
  • Removeable patented hyperbolic ring allows for true smoking capability in a kettle


Weight 132 lbs
Dimensions 23.8 × 30.3 × 20.5 in

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