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Kando Champ Pellet Grill

Original price $ 5,699.00 - Original price $ 7,198.00
Original price
$ 5,699.00
$ 5,699.00 - $ 7,198.00
Current price $ 5,699.00

In stock.  Driveway delivery is additional, please email your Zip to or call Mike at 201-247-5821 cell.


KANDO Pellet Grills operate with a FireBoard 2 adaptive control system with the addition of an integrated drive technology to maintain precise temperature, ensuring the best cook. Our ceramic ignition system works off chamber temperature, not internal timers. This provides a reliable fire start-up. The cooking chamber is all 10 Guage steel construction with a roll-top lid. Running gear uses 12-inch all steel wheels for better maneuverability on rough surfaces.
The Champ was named due to its substantial construction. The assembled grill weighs 670 pounds! By far the best value on the market per pound. The design of this grill stems from the unique structure of the auger assembly. The idea is to distance the firecup from the auger outlet. Thus creating an air gap, eliminating burnback. This unit has a swing-out auger assembly. This allows access to the entire fire-cup assembly.  Grease retention is another key aspect of this grill, because the chamber is designed to catch the grease without any additional assembly. Just by pulling out the grease tray, all cleaning operations can be performed. These features make everyday cleaning a reality.    


  • Lower Grill Surface: 35"x19" = 665sq. 
  • Upper Grill Surface: 32"x14" = 448sq.
  • Total = 1,113sq.    *upper grill surface is removable 
  • Head Room: 15" 
  • Overall Length: 76"
  • Overall Width: 40"
  • Overall Height: 57"
  • Weight: 670lbs.
  • Hopper Capacity (Standard): 20lbs.
  • Temperature Range: 160 degrees F - 500 degrees F                                             *open flame will allow for grill to reach 500d F
  • Chamber Thickness: 10g .135" steel


  • FireBoard 2 Adaptive Control System (weather resistant) PID
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity only connects to 2.4GHz
  • Two 12" all steel rear wheels 3" wide
  • Two 4" swivel caster front wheels
  • Utensil holder
  • Second-level slide out shelf
  • External grease catch 
  • All stainless fire cup. Tool-less removal
  • Ceramic igniter
  • All fused components with external check point
  • Probe access port. Up to 6 probes
  • Removable grease pans
  • Removable heat diffuser
  • Side table 
  • Swing out auger assembly
  • Counterbalanced lid
  • Accessory mount
  • USB-C PD charger, for Controller 
  • Ambient Thermocouple Probe 
  • 2 Food Thermocouple Probes
  • Grill Clip


  • 3/8 solid stainless steel grill grates: helps prevent rusting. 

*Please note when ordering stainless steel grates after you have received a grill there will be an extra labor charge of $200. 
  • Soft wheel package: 2-8" swivel wheels and 2-8" wheels that bolt onto existing frame. This will prevent scratching on the ground surface.