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Gozney Dome Outdoor Oven Natural Gas & Wood-Fired Dual Fuel - Olive Green

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Available in LP and NG versions
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Make wood-fired cooking easy with The Dome, the world’s most versatile live-fire outdoor oven. Enjoy a professional grade outdoor oven engineered to be easy for beginners and exceptional for chefs. Roast, smoke, steam or bake. Super fast or low and slow. A wood-fired adventure, every time.


Unrivaled performance. Unlimited possibilities. Made simple. Roast, smoke, steam or bake. Super fast or low and slow. A wood-fired adventure, every time, The Dome is the only investment you need to make in your backyard.

Oven external dimensions: 26" H x 24.8" D x 28.8" W

Weight: 128lb (150lb in packaging)

Oven mouth is 5.1" tall and 16.1" wide

Dome is only suitable for use indoors with gas fuel when correctly ventilated to the atmosphere. Always check your local codes and regulations prior to purchase and usage.


We believe wood-fired cooking is best, for taste and experience. The Dual Fuel model offers you the convenience of a built-in gas burner, allowing you to easily switch between fuel types and reach 950°F – all at the turn of a dial. Gozney currently only offers this model in propane gas.

What’s in the box?

  • Gozney Dome outdoor oven
  • Detachable flue and cap
  • Dock and Accessory Port
  • Digital thermometer, display unit and batteries
  • 2 x temperature probes for checking the internal temperatures of food items
  • Manual Air Regulation Vent and Ashtray Module
  • Manual
Dual fuel ovens only also include:
  • Integrated gas burner and regulator
  • Ignition and flame regulation dial
  • 1 x stone floor puck to switch between wood and gas

5 year warranty 

Register your product within 60 days of purchase and benefit from an extended 5 year warranty. Register Here
Our 1 year warranty comes as standard. More info here

Key features

Digital thermometer
Rely on precise temperature reading throughout, including two built in meat probes so that you know when your steak is ready to go.
Innovative Air Ventilation
Regulate the airflow travelling under your wood-fire to control the heat output from start to finish.
Unbeatable Heat Retention
30mm double-layer stone floor and dense cavity insulation means it can reach higher temperatures, faster – and stays hotter.
Quick-Connect Accessory Port
From a cold smoking attachment to an automated pellet burner, easily insert a range of pioneering accessories into the dock.
Use outdoors all year round thanks to our ceramic bonded outer coating - extra durable, water resistant and UV stable.

What assembly is required?

The Dome requires no assembly. Simply maneuver the oven onto the Gozney Dome Stand, or your chosen cooking platform using the lifting recesses in the dock. You then insert the flue and connect to your fuel source (when using gas).

Cook differently with the Dome

Neapolitan pizza

Using commercial-grade materials, The Dome is built to the exact ratios of a restaurant pizza oven. It means you can become a Neapolitan Pro in no time at all. 
To take your pizzas to the next level, add the Neapolitan Archway accessory, designed to retain more heat in the oven for even faster cooking. Perfect for high hydration doughs and mastering the leopard spotting on your crusts.

Live fire

Achieve unparalleled results with the powerful rolling wood-fired flame, cooking at temperatures up to 950°F with an open door. Perfect for seared steak, crispy fish or charred vegetables.
Simply open the air vent to allow full airflow to your fire, continue to add wood and enjoy the incredible flavor from simple ingredients, only possible with a wood-fired oven.


Live fire, an open door with a less intense flame can achieve totally different results. Fire up the oven to maximum temperatures and then allow it to drop below 550°F, with the air vent at 50% and adding wood less frequently. 
This creates a slower roasting environment while retaining a unique dry heat. Ideal for cooking larger cuts of meat or fish. Charred on the outside and moist inside. Or baking different types of bread such as focaccia with fire kissed results every time.

Slow roast / smoke

 From slow roast pork butt with hickory smoke, to a shoulder of lamb with roasted vegetables. The possibilities are endless.

The Dome’s thick stone, dense insulation and rope sealed door combine to create the perfect cooking environment for slow roasting over long periods. While the air vent allows you to control the internal temperature of the oven when cooking with wood or coal.

And if you’re in the mood for something a little different, add in apple, maple or whisky oak smoking chips to the fire for extra flavor.

Bake and steam

Close the rope sealed door to turn your Dome into a bread baking oven. Using a bed of embers or adding a piece of charcoal if you choose, the Dome’s unrivalled heat retention creates the ideal environment for baking bread, with enough floor space for multiple loaves.

Make your sourdough loaf even lighter and crunchier, using the Dome’s Steam Injector accessory. Our steam injector creates a moist environment in the oven, preventing the bread forming an outer crust before having the chance to fully rise. The result? A light and airy loaf that’s risen for longer and formed a crispier crust.

Cold smoke

Create your own smoked salmon, smoked cheese and much more using the cold smoker attachment. Simply connect the cold smoker to the Dome’s quick-connect accessory port for a very different cooking experience using a variety of different wood types.

Dome Stand

The Dome Stand is simple to assemble, built to last and easy to manoeuvre. Making it easy to add your Dome to any backyard setup.
The Dome is a perfect fit for a standard outdoor kitchen countertop. For a more flexible free-standing setup, the Dome Stand is for you.
Designed with cooking on the Dome in mind, your oven securely connects to the stand with an easy turn fastener and sits at the perfect height for cooking. The bamboo shelves, hanging hooks and adjustable wings are built in for convenience while the four large wheels make it easy to move your oven around your backyard.
Key features:
  • Four large castor wheels with orientation locking and easy press foot brakes
  • Steel powder coated legs and aluminium cross beams
  • Two bamboo shelves for accessories and wood storage
  • Adjustable wings for ingredients and tools
  • Hanging hooks for cookware
Specifications (in mm) can be found here.
You can find the build manual here.