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FireBoard Spark Instant Read Thermometer + Free Gift

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Free Fireboard Meat probe included

FireBoard® Spark is a highly accurate and fast instant-read thermometer, combined with a leave-in probe port for longer-term temperature tracking.

Pairing your Spark with the FireBoard Mobile App keeps your temperature data available remotely everywhere you go. WiFi, Bluetooth, and FireBoard Cloud Connected.

SyncModeTM is a powerful mode to track other FireBoard devices using Spark as a display. This powerful feature uses the FireBoard Cloud to transform Spark into a beautiful countertop device, making all your FireBoard temperatures available at a glance.

Fast And Accurate, Instant-Read Thermocouple Probe

With a custom designed Type-K Thermocouple Probe, FireBoard Spark reads temperatures extremely fast. Accuracy is with 0.4°C / 0.7°F for cooking temperatures.

Leave-In Temperature Probe Input For Long Cooking Sessions

The built-in external probe port allows use of any FireBoard Thermistor Probe for long-term temperature tracking. Visualize long cooks with beautiful charting data via FireBoard Cloud.FireBoard Spark

NFC Scanner For Seamless Instant-Read Labeling

Patent pending technology makes labeling instant-read temperatures a breeze. A simple NFC scan associates temperature data and is automatically pushed to the FireBoard Cloud. Solve food safety temp checks in the commercial kitchen.FireBoard Spark

Remote FireBoard Device Monitoring With SyncModeTM

Transform FireBoard Spark into a display for all your other FireBoard devices. Can’t grab your phone in the kitchen? Leave Spark on the countertop to easily keep an eye on your cook.FireBoard Spark

Built-In Magnets For Convenient Device Storage

Powerful magnets keep the Spark within arms reach. Easily stow on the refrigerator or use in SyncMode to watch your temperatures.FireBoard Spark

IP66 Waterproof Rating

FireBoard Labs engineered watertight seals on the body of the Spark, the swiveling instant-read probe and the external probe port. Wash with confidence. *Not safe for submersion or dish washers*FireBoard Spark

WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) And FireBoard Cloud Enabled

With the same technology as our flagship FireBoard thermometer, Spark leverages powerful wireless technology to keep your temperatures available anywhere you go. Zip to the store and keep an eye on your cook.FireBoard Spark

12+ Months Of Normal Use On A Single Battery Charge

With a large rechargeable Li-Ion 2600 mA battery and power saving technology, Spark can be used a long time before needing to be recharged. Normal use includes instant-read probe use and periodic long cooks using the external probe port.FireBoard Spark