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Backwoods Smoker - G2 Competitor

Three inches deeper to hold that full size steam pan.   Deep enough to not have to trim your ribs and briskets.   Heavier racks along with the new fire grate on rails introduced in the G2 Chubby and G2 Party.   The bigger water pan and charcoal pan also give you a longer burn time before adding more water or charcoal.


Standard Features:

  • Permanent water pan
  • Stainless steel doors
  • 2″ insulation
  • Commercial fire grate
  • Heat diverter
  • Heavy gauge racks
  • Deep enough to hold a full size steam pan
  • Pre-drilled Caster bolt hole pattern on the bottom of the 3 inch feet
  • Cooking degrees:(approx) 180 to 300
  • Amount of charcoal: (approx) 16 to 20 lb
  • Cooking time:(approx) 6 to 10 hours
    {Depending on the temperature used for cooking}
  • Meat: (approx)
    Six 12 lb. turkeys
    22 to 26 slabs of baby back ribs
    8 to 12 briskets
    16 to 18 Boston butts

Optional Features:

  • Auto Water
  • Auto Gas
  • Convection
  • Castors
    (they will raise the smoker up 6″)
  • Permanent Stand
    (This will be welded to the bottom of the smoker in place of the three inch feet)
  • Removable Stand
    (This will be bolted to the existing bolt hole pattern on the bottom of the feet)
  • NOTE: We prefer not to go over a total of 16 inches in total height on the bottom of the smoker.
  • Cover
  • Racks
    (Up to 7 additional racks can be added)
  • Sliders
    (Additional sliders can be added, these are what your racks rest on and slide in and out on)
  • BBQ Guru Digi Q DX 2
    (this includes the adapter door and the 10 cfm fan)

Outside Dimensions:

  • 28″ deep plus 2 1/2″ for the thermometer and latches
  • 53″ tall plus 2 1/2″ for stack
  • 27″ wide plus 8" for the drain

Cooking Chamber Dimensions:

  • 23″ deep
  • 29″ tall
  • 20″ wide


  • Eight, 3″ apart
  • 22 1/2″ deep
  • 19 1/2″ wide
  • 1/4″ Nickel plated round bar