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Yoder 42" El Dorado Santa Maria Charcoal Grill

Original price $ 4,995.00 - Original price $ 4,995.00
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$ 4,995.00
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In stock 3/22/24.  To order, please email or call Mike at 201-247-5821 cell.
For grill pickup from our location, add $449 discounted shipping (Yoder) charge from the KS to our warehouse and local delivery to your driveway.  We collect 3.3125% NJ sales tax for all in-house purchases or delivery from our Paterson NJ location.  We do not collect sales tax for direct freight shipping items outside of NJ.
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Yoder Smokers 42" El Dorado Santa Maria Charcoal Grill – a grill that pushes the boundaries of conventional barbecue, elevating open-fire cooking to new heights. Tailored for those craving a genuine and traditional open-fire experience, this Santa Maria style grill connects grilling enthusiasts with the early roots of barbecue. A standout choice for large gatherings, events, and those desiring the spectacle of live-fire grilling.
Santa Maria-style grilling traces its roots to the ranches of California, where rancheros developed the technique of cooking beef over an open flame. Originating in the mid-19th century, this method of grilling became synonymous with the Santa Maria Valley and its distinct, savory barbecue tradition. The El Dorado pays homage to this tradition by going beyond the ordinary, providing an engaging cooking experience rooted in timeless techniques. Whether you're cooking a steak down low over searing hot coals or roasting a large cut with the grate set higher, this grill offers a genuine live-fire experience.
Built with Yoder's renowned craftsmanship and durability, this grill exemplifies generational quality. It transcends being merely a cooking tool, becoming a culinary companion that sparks creativity and captivates guests. For those who seek not just a cooking tool but a culinary companion that inspires creativity and captivates guests, the El Dorado Santa Maria Charcoal Grill checks all the boxes.
Key Features:
  1. Santa Maria-Style Cooking: Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of open-fire grilling, where you control heat by raising and lowering the food directly over the fire – a truly primal cooking experience.
  2. Made in Kansas, USA: Support American craftsmanship and ingenuity with a grill designed, built, and assembled in the US.
  3. Generational Quality: Built with Yoder's signature thicker steel and superior construction, ensuring durability and longevity that can be passed down through generations.
  4. Cantilevered Arms: The cantilevered arms provide an open feel, allowing you to maneuver freely around the grill without obstruction while adding a distinctive aesthetic touch.
  5. Custom Cast Hand Wheel: Featuring a ratcheting system, the hand wheel allows effortless adjustment of the grates' height for precise control over cooking temperatures.
  6. Tub within a Tub Design: The inner tub is fully lined with 1.75” firebrick, ensuring even heat distribution and retention, while the outer tub acts as an insulator, keeping the exterior cooler for added safety.
  7. Insulated Front Door: The well-insulated front door minimizes heat radiation, allowing you to comfortably stand nearby without worrying about excessive heat exposure.
  8. Thick Insulated Firebox: Enjoy extremely even heat and enhanced safety with the fully insulated firebox, ensuring the heat radiates up into your food and not towards the sides or bottom.
  9. Chain-Lifted Grates: Grates are lifted and lowered by a chain mechanism, offering durability and reliability over traditional cable systems.
  10. Wood Storage Rack: Conveniently store wood within reach.
  • 954-square inches of cooking area - two 21.2″ x 22.5″ cooking grates
  • Full firebrick-lined firebox
  • Double wall construction
  • Inner firebox constructed from 10-gauge steel
  • Outer shell constructed from 12-gauge steel
  • 9" deep firebox
  • Insulated front drop-down door
  • Cast-iron hand wheel with auto-stop ratchet
  • Cantilever arms with 15" of vertical adjustment
  • Industry-leading heavy-duty chain drive
  • Sealed bearings on the adjustment shaft
  • 12-gauge stainless steel v-channel grates
  • Integrated removable stainless-steel grease trays
  • Integrated ash cleanout drawer with cleanout channels
  • Outer coating can withstand 1200°F
  • Stainless steel side shelves
  • Stainless steel hardware throughout
  • Robust cart with storage and 10" cast-iron casters
  • 63.9" L x 76.9" H x 34" D
  • 831lbs