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American Barbecue Systems The Smokehouse 6042

Original price $ 13,500.00 - Original price $ 16,000.00
Original price
$ 14,000.00
$ 13,500.00 - $ 16,000.00
Current price $ 14,000.00

In Stock.  The Smokehouse 6042 was designed to offer a variety of cooking styles to accommodate the individual, professional, caterer and restaurateur. After the initial smoking process the chef has the option to continue cooking with wood and charcoal or finish the cook with the convenience of a thermostat controlled propane or natural gas burner. The Smokehouse allows the choice of stainless steel rotisserie racks or flat racks. Holding a total of 12 rotisserie racks measuring 53 x 11-1/2 or 4 flat racks measuring 53 x 36 for a total of over 7300 sq/in of cooking surface. The Smokehouse is a double wall construction with 1-1/2 thick 1200 degree insulation between the inner and outer walls. Equipped with commercial grade rotisserie motor with brake, hydraulic door closers, door gaskets and efficient charcoal basket design, the Pit-Master can concentrate on entree preparation and presentation without concerns of fluctuating heat temps and spending costly time tending the fire.


Features & Specs:

Cooking Surface 
7300 sq/in 
8 to 12 Stainless Steel Rotisserie Racks 53 x 11 ½ or 4 Stainless Steel Flat Racks 53 x 36

Smokebox/Firebox 60”L x 79”H x 42”D
Overall 69”L x 79”H x 49”D (without Stainless Work Shelves or Gas Burner in place)
Weight 1800 lbs. 

Smokehouse 6042 with Rotisserie
Smokehouse 6042 with Flat Racks
Smokehouse with Thermostat Controlled Propane or Gas Burner

Custom Fit Cover
PID Controller Setup

Cooking Capacity
Boston Butts (6-7lb) - 56
Packer Briskets (12lb) - 32
St. Louis Style Ribs - 96-144 depending on rack locations
Baby Back Ribs - 72-108 depending on rack locations
Whole Chickens - 56-72 depending on rack locations