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Gateway Drum Smoker 55G Rib Hanger Kit

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The Gateway Drum Smoker Rib Hanger Kit has been uniquely engineered with its famous angled bars to hang meat vertically into your smoker while maximizing space and distributing weight to easily hang multiple racks of ribs or even other meats. The trademarked angle design is first of its kind on the market and can be found exclusively from Gateway Drum Smokers. This Rib Hanger Kit works well with not only Gateway Drum Smokers, but also other domed style smokers! The Rib Hanger Kit includes the angled hanger (2 bars) and set of 6 hooks to easily hang your meat allowing for the heat to encircle your meat entirely.  Fits 55 Gallon Gateway Drum Smokers.  Crafted from thick, sturdy steel. Attaches to top of smoker. 2 thick bars support lots of meat. Includes 6 hooks for sturdy hanging. Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 4 inches