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Tappecue V2.0 - 4 Probe WiFi BBQ Thermometer

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The Tappecue Wireless Remote WIFI Barbecue Thermometer is the ultimate thermometer for those that need to monitor their cook from a variety of locations. 

Have you spent a ton of time, effort and money on wireless thermometers only to have them fail to stay connected or not be able to read them from inside your house? The team at Tappecue has taken care of this problem for you. This unique, and ground breaking cloud system utilizes WIFI, which is a far more robust technology than radio or Bluetooth for remotely monitoring your cooks.

You have no limitations with the Tappecue, simply monitor your cook from anywhere you have an internet connection. You can spend more time with the family, and less time checking on your smoker of the food inside of it, because you will always know exactly what temperature you are at at a quick glance.

The Tappecue Wireless Remote WIFI Barbecue Thermometer system includes four 6’ meat temperature probes, a USB cord and power supply + a FREE subscription to the Tappecue Cloud and Mobile App.


  • 4 probes - Temperature from 0 F to 572 F - Probe settings for food or chamber temperature - Probes have a 6 foot wire leading up to the probe
  • Free Mobile Apps (iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android) - Alerts when the temperature min/max is reached and Alerts when the chamber goes low or high - Multiple mobile devices can be alerted - Default probe list that is customizable (i.e. poultry can be changed to chicken) Guest Mode functionality to allow guests to view/get alerts to your temperatures
  • Windows and MAC Installation Program
  • Wi-Fi Internal antennae allows for distance of the smoker/Tappecue to be as far as 180 feet spread from the wireless router/hotspot - LCD panel for viewing temperatures at the smoker - Power Supply ( 9Vdc/800mA ) Allows for uninterrupted power with power brick
  • Keep your history At the end of every smoking session you have an option to email the session results in a csv file format that can be imported into excel and graphed. This data will have approximately 30 second temperature updates of all four probes.

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