Smokin Brothers “30” Premier Grill with PID Program Control

by: Smokin Brothers

The Smokin Brothers “30” Premier Grill has become their most popular grill. This grill comes with the same standard features as their Premier “24” and Premier “36”, the PID Program Control, double wall insulated fire box, four multi-directional casters and the convenience of a built in work surface with the front loading hopper design. With the purchase of a Built in Kit (SB-H130) this grill can be inserted into an outdoor kitchen. Weight 205 lbs with 792 sq inches cooking surface. An additional long top grid 8 x 29.5 (SB-H561) is available for purchase to add more cooking surface. Available for this grill is a Side Shelf (SB-H201) that easily folds down for storing.

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