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Perfect Draft Flex Hose with Clamps for BBQ Blower 2.0

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Use your Perfect Draft BBQ Blower without attaching it directly to your smoker using the attachable flex hose with clamps. Easily attached to the ends of the universal firebox adapter, this flexible hose allows you to use your blower at a distance from your smoker.

Designed especially for larger fireboxes but perfect for any size, this accessory protects your BBQ Blower from back draft heat that might damage the blower. Keep it in the shade or out of the weather while it delivers the same consistent airflow through the hose and into your firebox.

With one part of the adapter attached to your blower, clamp on one end of the hose. Then clamp the other end of the hose to the part of the adapter attached to your firebox. This simple tool is the perfect accessory for your Perfect Draft BBQ Blower.

  • Long, flexible hose can be attached to your smoker while your blower sits under cover
  • Included clamps ensure the flexible hose stays secured to your blower and firebox
Width 4"
Depth 60"
Height 4"


"Note If you have a metal adapter this flex hose will attach to it , There is no need to buy another metal adapter. "