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Black Olive Pellet Grill and cover

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The Black Olive pellet grill has some great advantages over other Kamado grills like the Big Green Egg. It's easy to use heat control gives it the ability to reach temperatures in excess of 650°F or as low as 150°F, making it perfect for slow roasting or searing. Forget about having to open and close vents, just set the temperature and forget about it. This is especially handy when smoking long meats like brisket and pork butts. Since it is pellet fired you can always add more fuel just by adding some wood pellets to the hopper. In other Kamado grills you have to remove the cooking grates and food to add more fuel. This can be messy and hard to do with other Kamdos. This grill comes standard with a cast iron cooking grate and the option to upgrade to a stainless steel cooking grate. The in-dome temperature gauge provides accurate temperatures for precise grilling, baking, smoking, and searing.

The steel smoker cap prevents debris and the elements from entering the grilling area. Despite not requiring adjustment, it allows for better heat control. The heavy duty triple spring hinge provides strong support and secures the dome in place when open. The steel side shelves offer a much larger surface area then other pellet grills on the market today, and utensil hooks keep your BBQ tools where you need them. The temperature control allows you to maintain accuracy within a few degrees for consistent grilling. Switch the grill to Smoke Mode and the Black Olive will hold at 2,000 BTU’s for up to 40 hours on a full hopper. The handle is made from bamboo, and is attractive and weather resistant. It will remain cool to the touch while no matter what you are cooking. 

The Pellet flame engine creates a constant flame, requires little or no adjustments, fuel flows continuously at a consistent rate according to temperature control. The design of the ceramic shell prevents heat from escaping while at the same time allowing the grill to withstand extreme weather conditions. Wood pellets are economical and healthier for the environment. Pellet fuel gives your food a more natural taste in comparison to gas or charcoal. As an added benefit pellet takes the mystery out of fuel levels by giving you a visual indication on how much fuel you have left in your grill, perfect for extended smokes or slow roasts.


  • Cast iron grill grates
  • Temperature gauge
  • Steel smoker cap
  • Triple spring hinge
  • Steel side shelves
  • Temperature control knob
  • Wooden handle
  • Pellet flame engine
  • Ceramic shell design

  • Grilling area 19 3/8” (290 Sq In)
  • Maximum BTU 50,000 Btu (2 Hrs.)
  • Minimum BTU 2,000 Btu (40 Hrs.)
  • Searing time* 10 Min. (500o In 5 Min.)
  • Ignition time 2 Minutes
  • Grill temp max. 650of +
  • Hopper size 11 Lbs
  • Power required 115 Volts

Cover included. 


We do not ship Grills but can deliver within 50 miles of Zip 07481 for an additional charge.  The Grill can also be picked up from our showroom at 529 Goffle Road, Wyckoff NJ 07481.  No pickups on Sunday.