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BBQ Pellets

Our Collection of Fruitwood Pellets.  We only sell premium food grade pellets and not the pellets used for heating.  The wood pellet fuel industry generally offers two grades of wood pellets.  Not including biomass derived pellets, the wood pellet industry offers a premium and standard grade.  Premium pellets hold the top spot being the highest standard of pellets as well as the most expensive.  Typically these pellets are produced from the recycled sawdust from timber milling production.  Premium wood pellets have a very low organic ash content, below 0.5%.  Premium wood pellets can only contain certain materials.  Usually containing hardwoods like maple and oak, the wood used in the pellets must not contain any bark.  Using bark will increase the organic ash percentage of the pellets.  Raising the ash content above the .5% mark exceeds the premium grade pellet threshold.  Standard grade pellets are pellets with higher ash content, typically made from forestry waste.  More bark, branches etc… Will still burn, but not as much heat and as clean as a premium pellet.