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American Barbecue Systems

American Barbecue Systems smoker and grills are manufactured in Kansas City with professional quality, creative design and unique features, all which will make you become the master chef at your next barbecue event. Whether you are in the backyard, at a competition, or a catering event, with an American Barbecue Systems smoker/grill, you can look like the professional chef we all inspire to be.

With the versatility of the American Barbecue Systems smoking and grilling feature, and cooking with your choice of charcoal and hardwood, you get the conveniences of two units for the price of one. With multiple dampers and precise settings, you can easily control the amount of heat and smoke preferred to create tasty barbecue masterpieces everyone will enjoy. The creative design and features make the units easy and enjoyable to cook with and operate like a convection style oven.

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